Bringing you the best of products and services has been our motto since the inception of our company. Introducing a world renowned brand such as Anker is the 1st step in the new phase of our company.

As a testament to our pride and confidence in our brands we are providing you with a never before seen, no-holds-barred, Support Service. We are pushing the envelope to ensure that you get the ultimate experience when you buy our products. Here's how it will work:

  1. Self-Diagnosis: If you realize that the product is not acting as you expect, please do a quick check to see that IT IS the product itself that is causing the problem. There could be a problem with the connected device or the connecting cable for example. Double checking the issue is easy to do and will save both time and trouble for you and us both. To check what faults are supported for Warranty claim, please check out our Warranty Terms and Conditions.
  2. Create a "Warranty Ticket": Please fill in all the details specified so that we can collect the item from you and get a head start in understanding what the issue is.
  3. Free Pickup: Our representatives will collect the item within a day or two.
  4. Diagnosis at our repair center: At this point we will be constantly updating you about the process and you can keep a track on things through our Trouble Tracking section. We will be sending you a Reference ID for each issue raised.
  5. Resolution: The item will be either repaired or replaced as per the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Free Return: Our Courier Team will promptly return the product to you.


  1. The customer should be sure that the item is faulty. After receiving the product, if S&H deems that the item is in working condition and the Warranty Ticket raised was false, S&H reserves the right to charge the customer a penalty of Rs. 500/= to cover expenses.
  2. The product should be packed (best in its original packaging) suitably for courier transport. Although great care is taken by our Courier Team, no responsibility will be borne if the item is received in a damaged condition and the Warranty can be Voided.
  3. Free Pickup Conditions: This service is available for products purchased with a value greater than Rs. 2,500/= only. If not, this service can be provided for a fee of Rs. 500/=.

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