Anker Astro Slim2 4500mAh External Battery

Rs. 4250.00

Capacity 4500mAh
Input 5V / 1A
Output 5V / 2A (Total)
No of USB ports 1
Port 1 Built In Micro USB 1A
Port 2 1A
Built In Cable
Size 125 X 64 X 10mm / 4.9 X 2.5 X 0.39in
Weight 113g / 3.9oz
Warranty 1 Year
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Our goal was simple: design a powerful battery that stacks up – literally.

Slimmer and stronger.

At (0.39in), Anker's Astro Slim2 comes with enough power for 2-3 charges on most smartphones in a compact, easy-to-grip case. Sized especially to stack behind your 4.3in smartphone for uninterrupted phone-use while charging. An LED column lets you know just how much juice is left without diverting attention from your work.

Say goodbye to knots.

Who doesn't hate tangled cables? With an intuitively-sized micro USB cord for Android, the Slim2 allows you to carry your power all-in-one. Using an iPhone? Plug into the USB port and charge up via your OEM cable.

No expense to speed.

What's better than a high-capacity battery that slides into your pocket on-the-go? One capable of simultaneous, full-speed charges. Both ports supply 1A of power with complete safety to your phones, so you can power up in no time and make the most of your day.